Top 3 Leadership Drivers


Some of the future can be seen with wisdom and perspective. The rest we will help you create with imagination and planning – framing in your 5-year strategic plan with crystal clarity.


Keeping 100% daily focused energy on what is most important is the jet-fuel  to sustained success. Our team will educate you on the top 4 helpful activities to ensure your days are highly productive.


How committed are you and your team to the next goal or breakthrough? Learning how to keep facilitating your long-term commitment is essential and it all starts with a strong Why.

The Alpha Factor® - Our Master Leadership Program


Love & Lead the People: The 9 Top Drivers to achieving and sustaining a performance culture


The VCC Approach: A 5-Year Strategic Plan Based on Vision, Courage, and Commitment


Your Daily Growth Plan: The 4 Factors That Keep You Focused on the Right Activities

The Sustained
Success Formula

It’s All Hands On Deck! Goals don’t achieve themselves – momentum comes from daily action and focus. Using the Vision, Courage, and Commitment (VCC) framework, we’ll help you develop a 5-year plan that actually moves you and your team forward.

Our Partners

Lang Leadership Dynamics provides a seasoned staff that fully understand the demands of today’s business environment. All partners possess qualities to develop, guide and improve leaders.


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Kurt Lang


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Jim Golinski


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Vicki Kilbourne