How We Create Change at Lang Leadship Dynamics

At Lang Leadership Dynamics, we are here to help inspire your team and generate momentum toward a shared goal. It’s not just about feeling great; it's about accomplishing something extraordinary.

That work can take many forms, including:

One-to-One Leadership Training

Working directly with CEOs, presidents, and other executives we craft custom, one-to-one leadership solutions to fit any need or situation. It doesn’t matter what kind of business (or business unit) you are guiding; we can help you improve your performance.

Specialized leadership training begins with in-depth interviews so we can understand what’s important to your team, what needs to be achieved, and what a “big win” outcome looks like. Then, we help guide you through the entire process of vision, change, and achievement.

The Alpha Factor® Training

Our core leadership program endures for a reason: it’s all about growing and developing you and your team so you can reach new heights.

This training covers three crucial and overlapping elements:

  1. Love & Lead the People: The 9 Top Drivers to achieving and sustaining a performance culture
  2. The VCC Approach: A 5-Year Strategic Plan Based on Vision, Courage, and Commitment
  3. Your Daily Growth Plan: The 4 Factors That Keep You Focused on the Right Activities

Note that this program is not for the faint of heart. However, for those who can embrace the process of growth, discovery, and discipline, the results can be simply breathtaking. And, of course, we will be with you and your staff every step of the way.

Impactful Keynote Presentations

Need the right words to shake up your executive and director-level teams? We can bring the passion and insights needed to provoke thought and unlock greatness. Whether you’re struggling with adversity, need to prepare for the future, or just want to inspire your team to move toward sustained success, we have the perfect message.

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