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The Purpose of LLD is to help each leader to create, build and sustain a great performing team.

Our practical and real-life experience over many decades was focused on servitude leadership

Learning how to serve others, at the highest possible level each year helped to ensure we achieved sustained success. In the mid-1990s, we had the amazing opportunity to lead a modest industrial distributor with the sole focus of becoming fully dominant in an old industrial market. This was achieved over time by simply learning how to strategically serve our teammates and customers with greater success every single year. The timeless leadership lessons we had the opportunity to learn proved to be highly successfully.

As we focused on learning how to be better and more effective leaders each year, the outcome was outstanding. We helped the team build the largest and most successful industrial business of its kind in the world. Being the largest and the most successful in the world was not the goal; we relentlessly stayed true to our Mission, Core Values, and executed on our Strategic Growth Priorities each year and the results were simply amazing. Now, in Act II of our lives, we want to share our timeless leadership principles to help each leader achieve a great performing team over time. Of course, greatness for each leader and team is individual and specific.

A special note concerning private equity

Please note that these leadership principles proved to be highly effective in the private equity market as well. The company we served was employee owned for over 30 years. In 2013, we sold the business to our first private equity partner. In all, we successfully sold the business three times within the PE market space in less than 7 years. The PE market space is truly a performance-based culture by design, and we found that our leadership principles were highly successful in that arena. If you are in the PE market or thinking about it, we can provide excellent coaching and guidance, to help you and your team be top performers in the PE market space.

We will spend time with each client to fully understand what’s possible and what obstacles and issues must be removed and resolved, so sustained success can be achieved. Then, we will coach each client in three fundamental areas: (1) Craft an outstanding Vision (Strategic Plan) for the future, (2) Ensure the daily Courage (Vital – this is the jet fuel) is present to fully implement the agreed upon strategic growth priorities and lastly; (3) Help facilitate the long-term Commitment (The Why) from each leadership team to make sure it happens over time.

Being responsible for other human beings, whether at work or at home, is a tremendous opportunity that must be taken seriously

The LLD Team is here to help you develop into the most successful leader possible, so your team can achieve greatness. If you are up for this work, please connect with us and we will do our best to help you reach your potential.

Learn how to build a great performing team and sustain it over time

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